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Zemo Men's Store
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242 Bedford Street
Stamford  CT   06902
(203) 323-0201
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  Custom Shirts 

Individualize Shirt Company makes our custom shirt collection for us, and has been in business for over 100 years with a very fine reputation. This custom shirt program has a wide array of imported fabrics that are virtually unlimited in terms of color, fabrication, and patterns. Included among these are Sea Island Cottons, 140ís , 2 ply, Egyptian Cotton in solids and patterns, Pin Point Oxfords, Chambrays, Linens, Tone on Tones, and Patterns in Stripes, Checks, and Plaids. 

In addition to a fabulous fabric selection you also have the option of numerous styling features in a shirt crafted to your unique measurements. Some of the quality features of our custom shirts are sewn with full single needle construction resulting in strong, flat seams that do not separate. All hems and seams are sewn with a minimum of 18 stitches per square inch. The true mark of a quality shirt! Soft Egyptian interlinings are sewn into the collar and cuffs resulting in a smooth even appearance, stay pockets are built into the collar to prevent the stay from showing through the fabric. Double collar beading secures the collar. Full yoke construction eliminates seam and the possibility of separation. Full hand constructed sleeve facing insures a secure placket without bulk. Sleeve to cuff pleating gives balance to sleeves and prevents cuff from turning inward.


 Custom Suits 

Zemoís custom-made suits cut each garment individual from a single bolt of fabric to ensure precision of size. After initial assembly the garment is again measured to ensure accuracy of fit. Then a lightweight supple canvas is enclosed between the fabric and the lining of the coat to achieve a perfect drape and balance. We repeatedly press the garment throughout every stage of construction to help sculpture and maintain the silhouette of the suit. All armholes, shoulders and necks are meticulously hand sewn so the seams are smooth and non-restricting. It is just a little extra unseen effort at Zemo Menís Store to achieve and ensure your comfort and fit. All suit pants are made with the finest hardware such as brass zippers and waistbands of soft and flexible material.


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